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Henna Mix Instrcutions and Tips
-by Sandhya Patangay
1. Sift good quality henna powder using a tea strainer or fine cloth to get a fine henna powder.
2. Boil water and at the boiling point.
3. Add tea powder, few clove buds, sugar and bay leaves (only if available).
4. Boil the above henna mix liquid for few minutes.
5. Cool the henna mix liquid and add some lemon juice.
6. Filter the henna mix liquid using a tea strainer.
7. Take the henna powder in the wide bowl.
8. Start adding henna mix liquid to the henna powder.
9. Add 10-12 drops of eucalyptus oil and clove oil to the henna paste.
10. Mix consistently in one direction (like cake batter) until the henna paste is fine, thin, and smooth.
11. Allow henna paste to settle for at least 10 hours.
12. If henna paste is preserved in refrigerator, take the henna paste out of refrigerator 1-hour before the application.
13. Put the henna paste in henna cone/tube.
14. For good results, right before the application, apply eucalyptus oil onto the skin where the henna will be decorated.

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