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Sandhya Patangay's Profile
Sandhya Patangay has about 12 years of experience as a Henna Artist. Since childhood she was interested in various art forms:her artistic skills varied from painting,sketching, Indian embroidery, Ceramic and paper decorative products and dress designing.

Her interest in henna art grew when she saw a henna artist decorating an Indian bride. She mastered henna art by decorating her female friends and family members. Her freehand drawing ability enabled Sandya to become a fast learner. She specialized in bridal henna designs and her success in various Henna Art competitions made Sandya Patangay recognized in the region of India.

Her biggest achievement as a henna artist in India was when her art was published in newspapers as she achieved "The Best Henna Designer of the State - 1997-1998". Sandhya came to the United States in 1998. Since then she has designed and decorated many brides and participated in various Art Fairs in NY. Working at Body Heaven Inc., as Henna Artist she has had the opportunity to exhibit her talent on various web sites, the most popular being featured by Denise Rocco from California on the Apple computer website promoting "The Urge To Adorn" project early spring of 2000., programs, and the Learning channel like TLC, channel 13 and NBC., and at the American Museum of Natural History as part of their exhibition & Body Art - Marks of Identity.
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